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Michael Vick will be with the Kansas City Chiefs for three weeks

Michael Vick will be with the Kansas City Chiefs for the next three weeks, according to BJ Kissel of the Chiefs website. Our own Pete Sweeney reports that Vick is at Chiefs camp as part of the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship program.

So, this is a temporary thing only through training camp (as of now). But this is where it starts for those who want to be coaches. You saw Plaxico Burress in Arizona this week doing the same thing.

What can a former player like Vick bring? Andy Reid told BJ:

“Experience, and another set of eyes from someone who knows the offense,” Reid said of why he decided to bring in Vick. “And obviously, he brings that respect from being a great player.”

“He’s one of those guys that whatever he wanted to do, he could do,” Reid added. “He could go into TV, radio, coaching, whatever, I mean he he’s a good people person, you know he’s quiet, but he’s a good people person and he speaks well, and just has a good way about him.”

BJ’s story, which has more quotes (like Mahomes on Vick) that you should read, reminded me that a bunch of the Chiefs coaching staff is already familiar with Vick from his playing days when they were all in Philly. This seems like a natural next step for him.

I’ll be curious what comes after this. Does Vick find a spot on Big Red’s coaching staff, which is one of the bigger staffs in the league? They don’t just give out position coaching jobs so maybe it could be another position. Or maybe after three weeks they decide this isn’t working out.

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