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Yeah, Kareem Hunt, I think you’re going to make the team

The media asked rookie third-rounder Kareem Hunt about whether or not he was aware of Kansas City’s rich history at the running back position at camp on Tuesday.

Here’s what Hunt had to say:

“I know a lot about guys like Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes and Jamaal Charles. Those are great footsteps to follow in. I got some big shoes to hopefully fill if I take care of business out here and make the team.”

IF he can make the team? How adorable! Go ahead and hold the Kendrick Lamar—this kid’s already humble!

Of course, Hunt has virtually nothing to worry about*. He’s a third round pick. The Chiefs traded up for him. He’s going to make the team. Who would cut a third round pick that early?

Now that would be bizarre.

*Hi, KeiVarae Russell!

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