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Tamba Hali says he wants to win a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, not on the sideline

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali just went on Instagram Live Tuesday night to address his recent tweets:

Takeaways (full audio below):

0:30 - “I want to play more football.”

1:03- “What else do I have to prove? I want to win a Super Bowl and be included. I don’t want to watch the game and cheerlead.”

1:20- Hali clarifies comments regarding Robert Kraft and Joe Paterno.

2:51- Hali gets back to talking about his playing time: “I could care less about money guys, I want to win.”

4:10- “In a couple days, I’ll be in camp with my friend, my family and we’ll be going at it. We’ll be getting ready to go ahead to get to Foxborough and get this job done.”

4:30- “I’m in top shape.”

4:55- Hali discusses his latest music.

5:30- Hali gets back to his comments about Robert Kraft.

5:55- “I always back my coach (Joe Paterno) up.”

7:05- Hali said he’s looking forward to seeing fans in St. Joseph.

7:55- “The knee’s doing good, guys. I’ve been doing everything I have to make sure my knee is properly (healed). Obviously, the coaches did what they had to do. Come on guys, anybody who loves the game, seven plays against the Steelers? Come on. I shouldn’t care, but I’m a competitor and I love to compete. Sadly, seven plays in the playoff, in the biggest game of my career.”

8:42- Hali announces he will get on Facebook Live.

9:00- Hali offers a closing comment about being upset with the playoff snap count.

9:35- “If some people aren’t getting ready, that’s on them. I’m getting ready. You hear me?”

9:45- More about Hali’s music.

10:00- A final close from Hali.

Full Audio

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