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Andy Reid is really excited about the Kansas City Chiefs defense

It’s been a tumultuous offseason for the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s easy to think the sky is falling and this is more like a 6-10 team than a 10-6 team. I have fallen into that recently too.

Sometimes though you need a reminder that not all is bad with the Chiefs. Their defense is really, really good and Andy Reid sounds fired up about it.

“So one of the things that make you excited is defense,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “We are going to be back together as a defense, with a couple young additions. You brought Mauga back in, that gives you some stability at the mike position with some young guys right in there with some playing experience. (Derrick Johnson) is back and will continue to play for us. Dee Ford took a step up last year and then you have Justin Houston on the other side, you have Tamba Hali in the mix there. Zombo is still working all the different positions. Secondary, Eric Berry is now a year out of being sick and can build on the greatest year that he had, which I expect him to do. Our young corners are getting even older as we go here. From a defensive standpoint, I am loving it.”

He’s right. It’s possible the Chiefs could miss the playoffs. But because of this defense I don’t see anyway they’re not at least in contention at the end of the season. The offense could poop the bed (and they have before) and the defense is good enough to carry the rest of the team.

We’ve mentioned it before but I need to point out Justin Houston. He was the Chiefs best player for a couple of years running and then last year, because of the injury, he wasn’t. If Houston is the same Houston, he is the biggest offseason “addition” for any team in the league. He’s ranked the 39th best player in the NFL by The MMQB. That could be low if he puts in a big season.

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