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Terrell Owens once talked to Andy Reid about coming back to play for the Kansas City Chiefs

Here’s something that’s new to me: Terrell Owens tried to become a Kansas City Chief a few years ago. TO was on the Adam Schefter podcast earlier when he was asked how close he’s come to playing in recent memory. Check out his story:

“A couple years ago, I reached out to my former coach Andy Reid with the Chiefs and being that he wasn’t - that was the year that he had relinquished some of his title of being GM and he was primarily the head coach.

“John Dorsey was the guy. I reached out to him and he asked me why did I want to play and I was like, ‘Because I really feel I have the ability to play at a high level’. Considering how the receivers fared out the last couple of years there’s no doubt that I could have played.

“We had a candid conversation and he basically said, ‘You know what let me assess my guys in training camp and see what we got’. We were very open and candid about it. He basically just said, ‘Let me see what we got and I’ll get back to you’. I’m like, cool, so I continue to work out. They went through OTAs, minicamp, training camp and so he did get back to me and he basically said, he’s like, ‘I’m gonna be honest with you, you know what’s scaring me?’ And I’m like, ‘What, the PR nightmare or the PR aspect of it?’ And he’s like, ‘No, your age’. I just looked at my phone and I’m like are you serious. And he said, ‘Yeah, your age scares me’. Other than that, that was probably the closest I’ve even gotten to getting on a team.”

He probably should be concerned about his age. TO is 43 today. He said this took place two years ago but from all the context it seems like it really happened in 2013 when he was turning 40.

“Andy Reid didn’t really have any concerns,” TO continued. “He was like if it were up to me I would give you the benefit of the doubt because he knows me on a personal level. I played in a Pro Bowl where he was the coach, obviously I played a season there, he knows who I am. He knows everything that happened with that fallout with the Eagles so that wasn’t really a concern. I talked to John and that’s what he said his concern was.”

I must say, covering TO would be a blogger’s dream.

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