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Chiefs’ Andy Reid loves that Tamba Hali wants to play

As expected, Andy Reid said the thing about the Tamba Hali thing is that it shows how much he loves to play. That’s what I thought Reid would stay and that’s what he said about Tamba’s tweets that talked of his frustration over his playing time.

“The one thing you love about Tamba is he loves to play,” Reid said. “That’s the one thing. I can’t tell you he’s getting any younger. I do love the fact that he bugs you that he wants to play. As coaches we have to make that decision ... Is a player always going to be happy? No, that’s not how it works.”

Tamba seemed to criticize the guys who skipped offseason workouts (they’re voluntary) in his tweets. Reid joked that he sounded like “an angry coach” talking about voluntary workouts which he didn’t need to do.

Chiefs GM Brett Veach didn’t expect it to be an issue either. It was a little surprising seeing Tamba tweet that stuff but once you step back you realize he did it all out of a place of wanting to win. I think he’s an all-time Chief so it’s easy for me to look at it like that.

There will be some other player reactions as people arrive this week but I think this Tamba thing will die down. What do you think?

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