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Chiefs GM says Tamba Hali’s tweets aren’t an issue

I didn’t expect the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff or GM to be all that upset about Tamba Hali’s tweets. It’s easy to say that Tamba is just doing that because he wants to win so badly. End of story.

That’s basically what the Chiefs new GM Brett Veach said at his Monday press conference.

"I know Tamba,” Veach said. “I love Tamba. I'm not concerned about that."

Veach said that he and Andy Reid would both talk to Tamba when they got up to camp (he said he was going right up to camp after the press conference).

“Everyone in our facility loves Tamba,” Veach said. “There’s a time and a place to voice certain opinions but we’ll get with Tamba up at camp and it won’t be an issue.”

I suspect we’ll hear Andy Reid say something similar when he speaks to the press this afternoon.

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