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Chiefs new GM Brett Veach says he still has a great relationship with John Dorsey

Clark Hunt introduced Brett Veach as the Kansas City Chiefs new GM at a Monday press conference. This was the first time some Chiefs fans have even seen Veach.

Here’s what he looks like:

We’ll have a full recap of what he had to say but one thing stood out to me. Veach said he had a great relationship with John Dorsey when he was here — and he still does.

That’s something we’ll have to remember. Dorsey left because of a decision by Clark Hunt, not because of Brett Veach or Andy Reid or someone else. Dorsey still probably likes all those folks in the front office. That’s an interesting dynamic for someone that was just fired.

Veach said that he spoke with Dorsey before his interview and after his interview for the job.

Veach said he learned a lot from Dorsey over the past four years and he learned a lot that will help him. He also said he won’t be afraid to put his own spin on it. One thing won’t change: “We’re always going to build through the draft,” Veach said.

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