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Chiefs podcast: Let’s figure out what’s happening at inside linebacker

In episode four of the MNChiefsfan Podcast, we spend a little time trying to decipher exactly what Tamba Hali's recent Twitter rampage was all about. We then go in-depth and talk about inside linebacker, specifically how Justin March, Ramik Wilson, Terrance Smith and D.J. Alexander stacked up on film. Also, what is Josh Mauga's role in all this? The deepest dive into film yet for the MNchiefsfan Podcast.

2:42- Seriously, what in the world is going on with Tamba Hali?

13:12- Discussion on the inside linebacker position, it's importance, the difference between WILB and SILB, and what I'm looking for when I review film on linebackers.

22:03- D.J. Alexander's film review.

25:55- Terrance Smith's film review.

30:17- Ramik Wilson's film review.

37:17- Justin March's film review.

48:25- Mailbag questions.

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