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Chiefs press conferences with Clark Hunt, Brett Veach and Andy Reid are today

The Kansas City Chiefs will begin training camp today ... sort of. They are arriving at camp in St. Joe and Andy Reid will have his opening press conference this afternoon. But first we will be hearing from the Chiefs new GM as well as owner Clark Hunt.

Two big pressers today. Here are the details:

11 a.m.: Clark Hunt introduces Brett Veach as their new GM weeks after making the news public. You can stream the presser here. There are many unanswered questions with John Dorsey’s exit so Clark will be asked about that plenty, I’m sure. The question for me is how revealing Clark will get. Does he shut it down immediately (few are better at this than Big Red)? Or does he offer some insight? It’s also the first opportunity to hear from Veach. Most of us have never heard him speak before. What is he like?

3 p.m.: Andy Reid press conference. There could be some offseason updates, like a surprise surgery. The Chiefs surprised us with Dontari Poe’s back surgery at this press conference a few years ago. They also surprised us with Berry’s return at this presser a couple years. So there will be news-y updates to be had. And of course there’s Tamba Hali after his tweets about playing just seven snaps in the playoff game.

What are your expectations for both pressers? The way things have been going lately, I’m not exactly optimistic.

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