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What’s the deal with these Tamba Hali tweets?

This doesn’t sound like Tamba Hali but it came from his Twitter account talking about how little he played in the Steelers playoff game (seven snaps). The KC Star’s Terez Paylor said he knew Tamba was ticked off after the Steelers game for playing so little.I don’t know what prompted these tweets now right before camp. It feels very out of the blue for a game that was in January. The Chiefs do report to camp in a few days. If Tamba came out and said he got hacked I would believe him because this is all so weird but it’s him. Tamba, who previously sounded frustrated at the firing of John Dorsey, is entering year two of his three year deal. I’m out at Home Depot as I blog this on a nice little Saturday so more coming later. Here are these tweets he just put out:

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