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50 reasons to be excited for Chiefs-Patriots

We are 50 days until the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots kick off for the 2017 NFL season opener.

For that, I have 50 reasons I am excited for Chiefs-Patriots:

  1. Playing on Thursday so we can still enjoy the first do-nothing-all-day-Sunday of the fall.
  2. Kelce vs. Gronk.
  3. Kelce vs. Gronk dance-off.
  4. Marcus Peters in press coverage.
  5. The first time I get annoyed that Peters is playing off and then he’s in perfect position for a pass breakup.
  6. Seeing the best safety duo in the NFL lined up (I’m not talking about the Patriots).
  7. The first turnover of the year. I’m betting on one of the safeties.
  8. Derrick Johnson in uniform and actually playing after his Achilles.
  9. When I have to remind myself DJ is 34, not 24.
  10. The first “DJ Special”.
  11. Justin Houston!
  12. That first pass rush where we can say, “OK, Houston is back.”
  13. The first slow-mo on how fast Dee Ford gets off the line.
  14. Tamba Hali’s hand-fighting.
  15. Chris Jones going bonkers in between every snap.
  16. Everything Chris Jones.
  17. Bennie Logan stuffing the run.
  18. When we recognize the first big wrinkle from Belichick (that we know is coming).
  19. When we realize Belichick was spot on. Gotta respect greatness.
  20. Spencer Ware ripping off another 129 receiving yards just like last year’s opener.
  21. Kareem Hunt catching passes out of the backfield.
  22. The post-Maclin group of receivers.
  23. Tyreek Hill’s first go route.
  24. Tyreek Hill taking a handoff.
  25. How the Patriots handle Tyreek Hill in the backfield.
  26. How they handle him on returns.
  27. Chris Conley snatching a ball out of the air.
  28. Seeing which receiver steps up.
  29. Demarcus Robinson.
  30. The quarterback...
  31. It would be pretty awesome to see Alex Smith out-duel Brady.
  32. Yes, I said out-duel.
  33. Seeing Patrick Mahomes in uniform.
  34. Over-analyzing Mahomes’s demeanor on the sidelines during the game.
  35. The first “screw it just throw it” pass to Kelce and he catches it.
  36. The first time you think Kelce is too jacked up.
  37. Andy Reid staying calm through it all.
  38. Belichick and Big Red interacting before and after the game.
  39. Belichick’s wardrobe.
  40. Tom Brady getting frustrated.
  41. The TV cameras catching Brady saying four-letter words.
  42. When you realize tens of millions of people are watching and the Chiefs are playing.
  43. The first “hey, maybe they can do this” of the game.
  44. The first time Tyreek is back there for a return and they show his highlights from last season against the Broncos and Raiders (especially the Raiders one).
  45. Watching all the traffic come into the site that day.
  46. Encouraging you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
  47. The morning of gameday.
  48. Knowing you can eat whatever you want because it’s gameday.
  49. Jackstack barbecue sauce.
  50. Burnt ends.

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