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Arrowheadlines: The biggest concern for the Chiefs before the season

In order for the Raiders to reach next level, Derek Carr must do something he’s never done: Win in Kansas City | Silver And Black Pride

It was the fewest yards he had ever thrown for (117) in a complete game, his lowest completion percentage (41%), and his worst ever passer rating (49.1). You could literally count on one hand the number of well thrown completions he threw in this game — Five.

That game completed the sweep by the Chiefs, and had the two teams tied at 10-3 with three games remaining. By the final game of the season, the two teams were tied 12-4 and the Chiefs owned the tiebreaker.

Mellinger Minutes, July 18, 2017: Analysis of Royals, Chiefs, Big 12 and food | The Kansas City Star

If the Chiefs were right about Mahomes — and I’ll have more on this, but don’t believe anyone who says Dorsey forced Mahomes on Reid — then Veach also has his quarterback of the future on a rookie deal. There is nothing more valuable in the NFL than a good quarterback on his rookie deal.

So this is a bit of strange situation. Hunt has turned a stable front office into an unstable one, but he’s done it in a moment in history his franchise is otherwise extremely stable.

The Biggest Concern for Every NFL Team Before the Season Begins | Bleacher Report

But although running backs can often make a significant impact as rookies, the position still isn't immune to its first-year struggles. So there's a scenario brewing with the Chiefs' backfield that doesn't require much of a reach, and it could be crippling for a team that wins with defense and a solid rushing offense.

That scenario is simple: Spencer Ware continues his second-half sputtering from 2016 and Hunt needs time to find his footing as a rookie.

Allow me to reintroduce myself | Arrowhead Pride

I’m Pete Sweeney, and I served the Kansas City Chiefs as an official team reporter, writer and host of their television programming over the last three seasons.

Three weeks ago, I opted to leave the organization to pursue other media opportunities in Kansas City, one of which included becoming a staff writer for Arrowhead Pride.

Free agent WR Anquan Boldin has a visit set up but with which team? | Arrowhead Pride

The Kansas City Chiefs could use some competition at receiver which is why I noticed that Anquan Boldin is still a free agent and has a visit set up with the “mystery team” sometime soon. It was previously reported that Boldin wanted to sign somewhere around training camp time, which is coming up.

Gar-Field graduate Darren Garrigan to spend summer with Kansas City Chiefs |

Garrigan received another Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship, a program administered by the NFL Management Council and NFL Player Engagement.

Garrigan will work with the Kansas City Chiefs starting July 22 until the team’s first preseason game before returning to his job as the secondary coach for Division II Texas A&M Commerce.

Ranking every signal caller in the NFL, 32 to 1. | Sports on Earth

It's hard to imagine Smith ever winning a Super Bowl without having some historical players on defense. He's at the point now where he's not going to hurt his team a whole lot, but he's not helping as much as a QB should help; Smith had just 20 touchdowns in 15 games, including rushing scores. Andy Reid must also keep the passing game very close to Smith's vest, with the majority of his passing yards coming after the catch.

Top 25 Jacksonville Jaguars plays of 2016: Chris Ivory's 42-yard run vs. Chiefs | Big Cat Country

Coming into Arrowhead Stadium, the Jaguars were 2-5 and were underdogs even though they were playing against Chiefs backups on both sides of the ball. They got down 7-0 early and Bortles needed help from the run game. That's when Ivory rumbled along the left sideline to get them out of their own red zone and to midfield, running over Chiefs defensive back Ron Parker in the process.

Looney's ties to Western make strong A.D. case |

After two years with the Magic, Looney began a seven-year stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, first in public relations before becoming a Chiefs Insider, reporting for the club.

“I know about pushing two twin beds together and living in Scanlon Hall with the team. I’ve been on that side of it,” Looney said. “Then I’ve seen it with the family actually growing up in Kansas City.

Why you should root for the Kansas City Chiefs |

The Kansas City Chiefs are the Buzz Aldrin of the NFL. The Jets stole their thunder with a transformative win over the Colts in Super Bowl III. Otherwise, the Chiefs would be known as that team that gave the AFL credibility with a win over the Vikings in Super Bowl IV. Not only that, the iconic image of Joe Namath running off the Orange Bowl field with his index finger extended in the air would be replaced by this:

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