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Alex Smith has better odds to lead the NFL in passing than Deshaun Watson

As you would expect Alex Smith is way down on the list of quarterbacks to lead the league in passing this year. Bovada released the odds on which quarterback will lead the NFL in passing yards and just one quarterback has longer odds than the Chiefs QB and that is the Texans QB, Deshaun Watson.

The top of the list is more interesting. Who will actually lead the league in passing? Drew Brees is probably the smartest bet each year. Tom Brady will probably have another incredible year so I couldn’t fault you for picking him either. Derek Carr? Nah. He hasn’t hit 4,000 yards in his career yet. I’m surprised he’s this on the list.

Matthew Stafford is pretty darn low and so is Kirk Cousins. I wouldn’t be stunned to see either of them finish with the most passing yards.

Here’s the list via Bovada...

Player to Record the Most Passing Yards in the 2017 Regular Season

Drew Brees 3/1

Tom Brady 6/1

Derek Carr 8/1

Aaron Rodgers 8/1

Matt Ryan 10/1

Andrew Luck 12/1

Kirk Cousins 16/1

Matthew Stafford 16/1

Jameis Winston 16/1

Philip Rivers 20/1

Ben Roethlisberger 20/1

Eli Manning 25/1

Joe Flacco 40/1

Andy Dalton 40/1

Marcus Mariota 40/1

Carson Palmer 40/1

Carson Wentz 40/1

Russell Wilson 40/1

Blake Bortles 66/1

Sam Bradford 66/1

Cam Newton 66/1

Dak Prescott 66/1

Ryan Tannehill 66/1

Mike Glennon 100/1

Jared Goff 100/1

Brian Hoyer 100/1

Cody Kessler 100/1

Josh McCown 100/1

Trevor Siemian 100/1

Alex Smith 100/1

Tyrod Taylor 100/1

Mitchell Trubisky 200/1

Deshaun Watson 200/1

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