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Chiefs are the Raiders biggest rivals, Sebastian Janikowski says

Sebastian Janikowski has been in the NFL for a whopping 17 years after the Raiders drafted him in the first round of the 2000 draft. That means he’s seen all the highs and lows of the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry ... but mostly lows. Either the Raiders were bad or the Chiefs were bad most of the last 17 years.

That changed last year when both the Chiefs and Raiders were playoff bound. The playoffs mean you have expectations the next year as the Chiefs and Raiders both do. That means something is on the line and it feels like this rivalry is coming back in a big way.

Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski is at a golf tournament in Tahoe and was asked by Soren Petro about the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry.

“If you ask different players, different opinions,” Seabass said when asked if this was the biggest rivalry for the Raiders. “To me, I think Kansas City is one of them and I think it’s the biggest one.”

Even bigger than Denver?

“Anybody in the AFC is a rivalry but I feel like Kansas City, when you go play over there, the Arrowhead Stadium is loud and people getting crazy but it’s fun to play over there.”

I can’t wait for Chiefs-Raiders this year. Whew.

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