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If you find a fellow Chiefs fan’s luggage, be like this person and mail it back

Cool story from a couple of KC Chiefs fans that I saw posted on Reddit.

Someone lost their luggage tag, which happened to be a Chiefs luggage tag. Another Chiefs fan found it and mailed it back. Check it out:

So long story short: I use a pretty generic black backpack whenever I travel so I use the red Chiefs luggage tag I bought at Arrowhead about 5 years ago to find my stuff easily. When I traveled to Orlando last month my flight was delayed because it was raining pretty heavily so our stuff was soaked coming off the luggage carousel. Sometime between when I grabbed my bag and when I made it to the car it fell off inside the airport, and Matt happened to find it. My name is pretty unique so he was able to find me on Facebook and message me and then use my address on the tag to mail it back, which finally arrived today. Chiefs fandom runs deep.

And they posted the conversation. Good job Chiefs fans!

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