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Three teams have a better secondary than the Kansas City Chiefs

While we spend the offseason worried about who will be the Kansas City Chiefs No. 2 cornerback the rest of the NFL recognizes the Chiefs already have an elite secondary. NFL dot com analyst and former Steelers CB Ike Taylor ranked the five best secondaries in the NFL and the KC Chiefs came in at No. 4.

The Chiefs have an elite secondary. It is what makes their defense so good. The Broncos and Seahawks were tied for third in the NFL last year with 42 sacks. Their pass rush was able to affect the quarterback which helps their secondary.

Here’s what makes the Chiefs secondary so impressive. They did not have that same type of support from their pass rush. They were 28th in the league in sacks last season, far away from third overall like Denver and Seattle.

Now imagine the Chiefs pass rush this season if Justin Houston is the Justin Houston we know he can be. I might argue the Chiefs secondary still has room to grow, which can be a scary thought.

Here is the top five:

  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. New York Giants
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Atlanta Falcons

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