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How many AFC teams think they’re better than the Kansas City Chiefs?

Brett Veach’s introductory press conference with the Kansas City Chiefs will come on July 24, which is 32 days since the Chiefs fired John Dorsey. Clark Hunt hasn’t done any press conferences or taken any questions about either move.

It’s vacation time in the NFL so I’m assuming that’s the reason the Chiefs aren’t having Veach’s presser until July 24. I’m also assuming Clark will be at that presser taking questions. At least I hope he is.

I went on 610 Sports on Tuesday and talked about these last few weeks from the Chiefs firing Dorsey to hiring Veach. I know fans view it as media whining but I still wish Clark would have answered some questions on this earlier or provided some sort of clarity.

“I don’t think its the biggest deal in the world but, yes, they should say something sooner, especially because we’ve all been waiting to hear from Clark Hunt after the Dorsey thing,” I said on 610 Sports on Tuesday (no, I can’t believe I’m quoting myself either). “They fired coaches in the past and they had a press conference to at least take some questions. I know they’re not going to get into the nitty gritty and throw Dorsey under the bus. But to act like the owner of the team makes a shocking move and can’t face the fans and answer some questions, I think that’s crazy. We’re overthinking it. You fire your GM, you talk to your fans. That sounds like typical customer service.”

Taking a few questions would have eliminated some of the anonymous leaks that took shots at Dorsey’s ability to run the team. I also wonder if Dorsey’s contract forbids him from publicly defending himself against those leaks. That would be really unfair if so. Carrington played the part of devil’s advocate and challenged my position.

We also talked about how good the Chiefs actually are, compared to how we view them as someone who covers the team closely and how the Chiefs are viewed nationally after this offseason. How many AFC teams right now think they’re better than the Chiefs? My list would be the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Titans, Texans, Colts, Raiders and Broncos.

Listen to my conversation with Carrington and Brad Fanning below or at this link.

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