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Calvin Johnson says Chiefs coach Al Harris was the toughest CB he faced

I came across this video of former Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson speaking to the press in Italy and one of the questions involved the Kansas City Chiefs.

Johnson, who is now retired, spent his entire career in the NFC North which meant he played the Packers twice a year. On those early Packers teams when Johnson came into the league was CB Al Harris, who is the Chiefs secondary / cornerbacks coach.

When asked who the toughest cornerback to play against was, Johnson said it was Al Harris.

“He was the only player throughout my career that would challenge you the whole game,” Johnson said. “And when I say that I mean press you off the line of scrimmage, get in your face, try to get hands on you on every play. Not many guys these days are that aggressive and that willing to take on that kind of challenge.”

That is a great quote coming from one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. Al Harris was always thought of as a very good player but I never got the HOF-worthy vibe when folks talked about him. Apparently we should think more highly of him if Johnson is saying stuff like this.

It’s also neat to hear that and know that that guy is coaching your defensive backs. Hall of Famer Emmitt Thomas will always get a bunch of credit for the Chiefs defensive backs but I imagine Harris has put plenty into them as well.

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