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Poll results say Kansas City Chiefs fans strongly approve of new GM Brett Veach

Twitter is only slightly more pessimistic than the readers here on Arrowhead Pride. I posted a poll on both Twitter and here on the website asking KC Chiefs fans if they approve of the hiring of new GM Brett Veach.

Here are the results:


87 percent approve

13 percent do not approve

(1,895 votes)

Arrowhead Pride dot com

89 percent approve

11 percent do not approve

(2,938 votes)

I didn’t approve of the Chiefs firing John Dorsey and I still don’t because we have no idea why they did. But they did that and it’s over with so do I approve of Dorsey’s new replacement? I approve.

That’s because this keeps a successful front office mostly together. I didn’t see a slam dunk GM hire on the market at this time of year, which Clark Hunt surely knew when he shockingly fired Dorsey. Because of that I have to think the Chiefs had Veach in mind when they made that move.

We know that on some level Andy Reid is running the Chiefs organization. He seems to have that power in the organization. Hiring Veach means Reid still has influence over the entire organization, which is fine with me. I’m not sure any of us expected a hire that would knock Reid’s influence down a peg. Reid is clearly going to have an opinion on personnel but he has said repeatedly that he does not want to be the guy running the personnel department. This is a good compromise where one of his guys for the last decade is running it and knows what Reid wants.

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