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Kansas City Chiefs move up in ESPN’s future power rankings

ESPN does these future power rankings that ranks each team based on their outlook for the next three seasons. So teams like the Raiders and Cowboys who are young and good rank well in this. And so do the Patriots because they’re the best at everything.

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a tough offseason so my initial reaction when I saw these future power rankings come out is that the Chiefs wouldn’t rank well. But they do rank well!

The Chiefs were eighth in ESPN’s future power rankings this year. That’s up from 11th last year. So they’ve actually gotten better. The Raiders are ranked one spot ahead of the Chiefs this year at No. 7.

Where did the Chiefs get better? Their quarterback situation. Last year ESPN ranked it 65/100 and now it’s 82/100. That’s what you get when you trade up for your quarterback of the future.

This is a good list to be on because being young and good in the NFL is important, especially at the quarterback position. The reason you want Patrick Mahomes to be playing next season is that it would be one more year they can have a cheap quarterback. The Raiders were in that position the past three years with Derek Carr. But now that he’s getting paid $25 million per year the dynamic changes.

You can read the whole thing here. The top 10 is below:

  1. Patriots
  2. Seahawks
  3. Falcons
  4. Packers
  5. Steelers
  6. Cowboys
  7. Raiders
  8. Chiefs
  9. Titans
  10. Buccaneers

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