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Why Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill can live up to the hype

Across all the SB Nation NFL blogs we’re writing about a player that we are really excited about this season and we’re calling this hype week. The Kansas City Chiefs had a number of good options but none as exciting as WR Tyreek Hill.

He has the chance to be the most exciting player in the NFL which is only a little bit of hyperbole. He’s the best player at the most exciting play in football: the kick / punt return.

I can remember the Oakland game on Thursday night with the world watching the Arrowhead stands started chanting “Tyreek! Tyreek!” as he lined up to return the punt. That was one of the more incredible moments I’ve seen at Arrowhead stadium. Some Chiefs players said the same thing after the game. They don’t remember another player getting that type of chant (I believe Dante Hall did back in the day, didn’t he?)

The reason I’m so excited about Tyreek is because I think it’s unlikely he’s a one-hit wonder. That’s because I trust Andy Reid to utilize him the best way possible. I trust that Big Red will limit his snaps if he has to even if he has fans screaming to play him more. It does sound like, however, Tyreek will play plenty of snaps last year. He played less than half last year but that increased later in the season and the Chiefs say they expect him to play more this year.

With a year under our belt, we know what Tyreek is capable of. I already can’t wait to hear the first “Tyreek! Tyreek!” chants at the home opener.

Ooh, ooh! One more thing I’m excited for: Tyreek stepping back to return the kick in the season opener against the New England Patriots. Millions of people watching, I want Tyreek to rise to the occasion.

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