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Broncos’ Von Miller mentioned Chiefs’ Justin Houston when talking pass rush moves

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller hosted a pass rush summit in the Bay Area this week and KC Chiefs LB Dee Ford was among those in attendance. Justin Houston was not but I saw this quote from Miller about Houston that was interesting.

“A sack is a sack. I’m going to get sacks, they’re going to get sacks,” Miller said. “You really can’t stop that. You really benefit more from really just sharing that knowledge and just trying to be the best players that you can possibly be. I remember Justin Houston, two years ago when he had 22 sacks, he had a little jab-step swipe with double hands and he went off with that move. Watching film and asking him about that move and that was one of my moves back then as well. It’s a copycat league, if it works people will do it. It’s just a small community of pass rushers that speak the same language.”

The story doesn’t make it quite clear if this quote was from this week or from last year but I remember that move from Houston in the 2014 season. He put out a bunch of moves that year with 22 sacks. That was a fun year, even though the Chiefs didn’t make the playoffs. The move that Miller has that I remember is the way he dips his shoulder. It reminds me of Derrick Thomas. As a Chiefs fan I hate saying that but, dang it, Miller is good.

Let’s hope this year is the year that we remember Houston is capable of putting up a season like Miller.

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