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Brad Childress thinks Chiefs OC Matt Nagy is a future head coach

Everyone wants to move up the ladder in their job and that includes Matt Nagy who was named the Chiefs offensive coordinator this year after splitting those duties with Brad Childress last season.

I remember seeing a story quoting Nagy that he wanted to be a head coach in the NFL one day. Considering the last guy in his position got a head coaching job in Philadelphia it’s a decent bet that he could live out that dream one day.

“He’s played the quarterback position, so he gets it,” Childress said Thursday about Nagy via quotes from the Chiefs. “He knows how to teach. He’s got a great demeanor about him. He’s got a creative mind. I think he’s got everything going for him. He’s a future head coach in this league.”

We know Big Red is a hell of a teacher because his football teams are always so good but it’s also clear that he can teach when it comes to his staff. His assistants get promotions around the league. Few people have a more impressive coaching tree than Andy Reid. Nagy could be the next name on that branch.

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