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Chiefs say Justin March is looking like he did his rookie year

There’s still hope for Justin March but the Kansas City Chiefs did admit that he wasn’t quite right when he came back last year from his rookie year injury. March had microfracture surgery his rookie (2015) season. He did come back in 2016 but eventually went on IR again with a hand injury. Chiefs LB coach Gary Gibbs was asked about March and indicated he wasn’t quite back-back last year.

“He got hurt his rookie year during training camp, and then when he came back last year, he was out there, but he wasn’t the same player,” Gibbs said. “He was still working through his injury. I kind of feel like he’s more like he was moving around his rookie year as far as quickness and breaking on the football and moving around.”

That’s what the Chiefs keep saying about him, that he has a knack for being around the ball. Those instincts can take you a long way to playing fast.

“Obviously his knowledge is a lot better than it was his first year,” Gibbs continued. “He just has a knack for being around the football and we’ll see what he can do when we get into camp.”

There’s plenty of opportunity this year. The Chiefs inside linebacker position has had some movement on the depth chart in the past year with guys coming and going. I would love to see an undrafted guy like March winning that job.

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