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This Eric Berry story is pretty amazing even by Eric Berry’s standards

This is an impressive Eric Berry story even by his lofty standards.

The Kansas City Chiefs safety was apparently back in Knoxville recently. He went to the University of Tennessee and his agent’s office is there so it’s no surprise he would be in Knoxville, where UT fans certainly remember him.

One person, Rebecca Scott Mills, posted this story on Facebook which is a classic Eric Berry being Eric Berry story. When Berry thought no one was paying attention, he went in and bought dinner for three people, according to Rebecca.

I reached out to Rebecca and asked her for any more details.

“Such a touching act to witness,” Rebecca wrote to me. “I have smiled all day just thinking about it. As we were behind him my husband said I wonder what kind of car he drives and then about that time Eric sat the food down. We thought maybe he dropped it. When we realized he was handing out the burgers (from Stock and Barrel, an amazing burger place in Market square) we were like how cool is that and then as we passed by and he was kneeling and praying we were both in tears!

“We walked by the same three homeless people when were on our way in and didn't even think of offering them food. Not that we don't give to the homeless we just didn't really acknowledge their presence.

“As far as I know Eric went in just to get them food and even carried them a Coke! He wasn't even eating. He had three to-go boxes and three drinks. I'll forever cheer for Eric Berry's team! My husband wants a jersey now! Ha! Guess it will make a good Father's Day present!”

Think how many times Berry has done that and someone didn’t notice. That’s why he’s so special. Berry surely doesn’t want us writing this post or folks to ask him about it which is why he did it privately. Sorry, Berry, we had to share this one.

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