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Chiefs TE Travis Kelce talks about feeling his labrum pop, then going on a tear

Travis Kelce says his shoulder feels great after offseason surgery and he’s on track to be ready for the season. The Kansas City Chiefs TE recently joined 810 WHB’s Soren Petro and talked a little more about his shoulder injury. He wasn’t on the injury report last year so it was a surprise to us that he was having offseason surgery, although these players have plenty of injuries and surgeries we don’t know about.

Kelce told Soren that he “felt the labrum pop” in his shoulder in the first Denver game, which would’ve been Week 12.

“It’s uncomfortable,” Kelce said of injuries in the NFL. “It can get to the point where it can get in the way of what you’re doing. Fundamentally, it’s not the same going and hitting a guy that you would normally like to have but it’s something you have to work with, especially at that point in the year. I first initially felt the labrum pop probably that first Denver game. It was a play where I was running down the sideline trying to run over a guy and that didn’t work. From there, it’s just, my team needs me. We were in a playoff hunt. We just beat Denver in the division. We had a lot of tough games coming up.”

So Kelce felt his labrum pop then went on a tear going over 100 yards in four of five games. Seriously, you read that and then look at the stats: Kelce went on to put up games of 101, 140, 101, 41 and 160 yards after that. In the biggest stretch of the season. Baller.

“I don’t like to harp on playing with an injury patting myself on the back because there’s a lot of guys playing without a labrum in the league,” Kelce said. “It’s more common than you think. Mine was just more aggressive where I had the full labrum tear and it was popping out the back a little bit so I made sure in the offseason I got that thing taken care of.”

POPPING OUT THE BACK A LITTLE BIT?? We probably don’t appreciate enough the toll this takes on the body of these players. The season ended and we went on our merry way while Kelce was getting cut open and dealing with the effects of that.

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