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Former Chiefs RB Darrin Reaves arrested for domestic incident

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There aren’t many details out but former Kansas City Chiefs RB Darrin Reaves has been arrested in connection with a domestic incident involving two women. He faces two class 4 felony counts of unlawful restraint, according to a report from WRMJ.

An NFL free agent arrested in Aledo following a weekend disturbance with two women. 24 year old Darrin Reaves—a native of Birmingham, Alabama, faces two Class 4 felony counts of unlawful restraint and a Class A misdemeanor of criminal trespass to a residence. He was arrested by the Aledo Police Department on Sunday. Mercer County State’s Attorney Meeghan Lee says Reaves had a prior relationship with one of the women and both filed order of protections against him this afternoon.

He is reportedly free on a $10,000 bond. Again, we don’t know the details but not good. Reaves was with the Chiefs until just after the draft this year when they reached an injury settlement.