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Chiefs Podcast: About that Jeremy Maclin release

AHPKC Chiefs Podcast is the official podcast of Arrowhead Pride and hey we're really gonna try to deliver episodes with some sort of regularity throughout the 2017 offseason now!

Episode 5 of the Chiefs' 2017 offseason. All of our prior episodes can be found here.

Jeremy Maclin got released. That was weird. Neither of us really knew how to feel about it, so we talked it out.

What was the Chiefs thinking behind the surprising release? Are the Chiefs really all in on 2017? Do they have their eye on the future under Pat Mahomes a bit? Was the release purely about money or was there more to it? Who benefits the most from his release?

Then we finish the show with some questions sent to us over a Memorial Dayathon, such as: F***, Marry, Kill: Andy Reid, Dick Vermeil, Marty Schotteheimer? How far you would go for 10 consecutive Super Bowls and taking a punch from Allen Bailey are also discussed.

This week's AHPKC Chiefs Podcast...

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