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Sounds like Chiefs are impressed with Demarcus Robinson this offseason

Andy Reid doesn’t like to pump up a young player too much and let them get a big head (unless you’re his quarterback) so you don’t often see him lavishing praise on young players. Or any player for that matter. Big Red is pretty low key in his press conferences so you have to pick out the little things he says.

Today, for example, Andy Reid was asked about second year WR Demarcus Robinson.

“He’s the young one that’s come up here a little bit and had a pretty good offseason,” Reid said on Tuesday. “We’ll see how he does once we get going during the offseason.”

In Big Red speak, that’s a nice compliment for Robinson. He was one that many of us thought had the most to gain with Maclin’s release. It sounds like there could be some truth to that, although it’s obviously just June.

“He can go after it,” Reid said of Robinson. “He’s physical. He can run and do the short stuff to. His strength coming in was he was good after the catch.”

There were plenty of qualifiers in there about it being early in the offseason and we’ll see how he looks during the season but Robinson is now a guy I’m watching this offseason. He has some deep ball ability which the Chiefs obviously need (oh no, I think that line just created an Alex Smith argument in our comments section).

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