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Jeremy Maclin had an edge, where do the Chiefs find that now?

If you believe the real Jeremy Maclin is the one we saw in 2015 and not 2016 then the Chiefs will be missing his production. The KC Star’s Terez Paylor covered Mizzou and the Chiefs so he has some insight into this. He thinks Maclin comes back and has a good year and even scores against the Chiefs this year.

Travis Kelce earlier said it seemed a little down right now after Maclin’s release and Terez hit on that a little wondering who was going to bring that edge to the Chiefs offense now that Maclin is gone.

I wonder who’s going to play with that edge on offense,” Terez said on 610 Sports this week. “When Maclin’s healthy he gives you some of that you need. Yeah, Kelce has some of it but who else? I thought he really empowered the young receivers. I want to know who is going to step up now who has some edge as a receiver to not get bullied by those Denver corners. Those Denver corners now, they’ll talk to you. It’s important that you have players at every position who have some of that in them so I’m going to be looking to see who’s got it.”

It’s a great point that you may not notice unless you’re around these guys most days like Terez is. What does playing with an edge mean? To me it means being the guy. Gathering everyone for offseason workouts and knowing you’re the leader. That edge is what leads you to getting ejected from a preseason game. Maclin had that edge. I don’t know that any of the Chiefs other receivers do, at least that we’ve been able to see.

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