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This Kansas City Chiefs offensive line ranking feels about right

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The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line ranks 15th in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. That feels about right for a Chiefs offensive line that a few years ago was not very good but has been ascending. The Chiefs usually rank pretty high on those lists of the youngest offensive lines so you hope that the young players take big steps forward, which some of them have.

PFF’s ranking puts the Chiefs at 15 but says they could sneak into the top 10.

This is one line that I could very well see sneaking into the top 10 by the end of the season. It’s still a very young line that saw all five players be at least average by the end of 2016. Though he had a rough start to his career, former No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher has steadily improved every season.

I read this and I think about Patrick Mahomes and how he’s going to step into a really good situation with this offensive line. Sure, I wish there was a veteran receiver there for him but it is what it is. The offensive line, however, should be nearing top 10 status next year. At least I hope.

Meanwhile, PFF said the Raiders’ Rodney Hudson was the NFL’s best pass blocker. Dang it. I still wouldn’t have paid him but that’s tough to see.

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