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Where the Kansas City Chiefs roster ranks in the NFL (hint: in the top 10)

It was said after the Kansas City Chiefs fired John Dorsey that they had one of if not the best roster in the NFL. We’ve heard that before or that they have the best roster 1-52 not counting the quarterback.

Using Pro Football Focus grades, ESPN ranked the roster of every team in the NFL. The Falcons and Patriots rank No. 1 and 2 on the list while the Chiefs are all the way down at No. 9.

Teams with a better roster than the Chiefs: Falcons, Patriots, Titans, Packers, Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, Chargers.

Two names stick out there: Titans and Chargers. That’s because neither team has been to the playoffs recently.

PFF liked the Chargers to finish ahead of the Chiefs in the AFC West so at least they’re consistent there. The Chargers were scaring the Chiefs in Week 1 before Keenan Allen went down so I agree they’re not the pushover their last place finish would suggest they are.

The Titans are this year’s pick to be the team to make a big jump. I see them talked about as a playoff team all the time. They finished last season 9-7 but haven’t been to the playoffs in 2008. They have the offensive line and the young quarterback. I could buy them winning 10 games this year.

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