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Chiefs will hope to add another one to the list of the Patriots best losses

SB Nation had a heck of a story idea today looking at the New England Patriots best losses. And by best, I mean the ones that the fans of the other 31 teams loved to watch. The Patriots are dynasty in the NFL so fans like to see them knocked down.

The Kansas City Chiefs popped up on that list with a game that was a ton of fun to watch: the Monday nighter where they nearly retired Tom Brady. SB Nation ranked it No. 8 on the list.

A Monday Night Football showcase gave the Chiefs the opportunity to wipe the floor with the Patriots, holding Brady to a paltry 159 passing yards and a pair of interceptions. Jimmy Garoppolo made his regular season debut and shined in garbage time, completing six of his seven passes and spurring discussion about whether Brady’s time in the spotlight would soon come to an end.

It would not.

That game gives me hope that the Chiefs can beat the defending champs in Week 1 this year. Some hope. The massive difference is that the Chiefs are going to the Patriots house and not at Arrowhead. That game more than a lot of others felt like one of those where Arrowhead pushed them. You could feel the energy in the crowd.

The Chiefs won’t have that energy in Week 1 this year but they’ll have nothing to lose too as hardly anyone expects them to beat the Patriots in New England.

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