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I wish Clark Hunt would say something about this John Dorsey situation

I had an interesting conversation with some Chiefs fans, including a few that are readers here at Arrowhead Pride. The topic was Sam Mellinger’s latest column which talked about Clark Hunt’s silence - outside of a letter to season ticket holders - on the firing of GM John Dorsey.

Hunt remains silent, even as a mere 30 minutes of his day talking to reporters would help provide clarity. I’m uncomfortable saying it like that, because you’re free to see it as the whine of a sportswriter, but I’m saying this because Hunt’s silence is allowing fans and the football world to see whatever they’d like.

It’s my stance that Clark should answer some questions publicly. Yes, I get he doesn’t have to and I get that he doesn’t owe us anything. I got it. I still want to know what happened. I want to hear from the owner on a stunning move few saw coming, even if he won’t give up the goods. So given the choice between Clark saying something and him not saying something, I choose him saying something.

I looked back at when the Chiefs fired Todd Haley and both he and then GM Scott Pioli held a press conference and answered questions. When they fired Romeo Crennel, Clark talked about being embarrassed by the product on the field. Those were obvious firings, though. It wasn’t like Dorsey. He didn’t give out a ton of information then but it was certainly more than a couple of paragraphs of owner-speak in a letter to fans.

Some Chiefs fans defended Clark not saying anything, saying it was actually for the best. I don’t agree with that. I want to know what happened. I want to hear from Clark on why the past two GMs he’s hired haven’t lasted more than four years. Yeah, he’s not going to come out and slam Dorsey. I got it. I’m not saying he should or that he would. You can talk about what happened without throwing Dorsey under the bus (peep the Haley presser way back when, there were no personal shots there).

I do think after such a shocking move - unprecedented, so it’s hard to compare this to others - Clark should have answered questions.

Look, I know many see this as media whining and we’re all Chiefs fans here so I can guess many of you won’t side with me but I would prefer he say something more substantial after a move like this.

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