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Tamba Hali’s reaction to the Chiefs firing John Dorsey

Because the firing of John Dorsey came at a dead time in the NFL we haven’t heard many reactions from Kansas City Chiefs players about the shocking move. We now have one reaction from Tamba Hali who joined NFL Network to discuss the move and he said he wasn’t too pleased to hear that Dorsey had been fired.

"From a subjective opinion, I wasn't too pleased," Tamba said on Good Morning Football via NFL dot com. "I'm really fond of John. Mr. Dorsey, he's done a tremendous job since he's been with the organization so everything that happened the past week really caught a lot of us off guard.”

Tamba sounds like a Chiefs fan with this reaction as we were all confused as well. He should be fond of Dorsey, who signed him to a multi-year contract extension. Tamba did, however, back the Hunt family, too.

“But I'm sure the Hunt family knows exactly what they're doing with the re-signing of our coach Andy Reid,” Tamba continued. “I think everything will be fine but Mr. Dorsey will be missed with the Chiefs."

It’s always a good idea to back the folks who sign your paychecks but I’m glad Tamba indicated he wasn’t pleased with the move because, frankly, Chiefs players shouldn’t be pleased with the move. Dorsey got results for the Chiefs. They are a better team with him than without him. Players care about winning (and money, of course). The Hunt family owns the team and you can’t fire the owner so any whining doesn’t do much good but I like hearing that players too were confused by what’s going on here.

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