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Chiefs GM candidate Louis Riddick sounds like a fan of Patrick Mahomes

Update: Riddick says the Chiefs have not called him. So.

It’s been reported that the Kansas City Chiefs are setting up an interview with ESPN’s Louis Riddick for their GM job. You can go here to read a little bit more about Riddick’s bio as a player and personnel executive.

What I’m interested in Riddick’s tweets. He went from a personnel job to ESPN where he’s in the public eye. We have a history of his thoughts on the Chiefs, Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes. I’ve seen a few tweets from him about Alex being limited (also some positive comments).

He has some very good things to say about Mahomes. I would imagine that liking Mahomes or at least being willing to work with him has to be a prerequisite for the Chiefs GM job. I can’t imagine a scenario where the new GM doesn’t like Mahomes and he doesn’t get a shot.

Check out some of Riddick’s Mahomes comments below.

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