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Is the Kansas City Chiefs GM job a good one? The case for and against

Is the Kansas City Chiefs GM job a good one? I have a few reasons why it is and a few reasons why it may not be. I’m not a GM candidate so I can’t tell you what their perspective is but here’s what I think....

The case that it’s a good job

The Chiefs will likely be a playoff contender in 2017, which means immediate success for the new GM.

The Chiefs have a strong roster built for the future. They are young at some key spots like corner and offensive line. Most GMs don’t inherit a roster like this.

The quarterback of the future is in house. Patrick Mahomes is the Chiefs quarterback of the future and I doubt a new GM is going to change that.

The case that it’s not

The Chiefs are already built so this would be someone else’s team for a while. (Think of the days when we talked about Pioli inheriting Herm’s team)

Most success will be credited to Andy Reid, not the GM.

Anything less than a Divisional round or AFC Championship appearance will be deemed a failure.

The Chiefs don’t have a first round pick next year.

This GM will be the fourth GM in KC in a decade. Big picture, that’s concerning. If John Dorsey - one of the top personnel guys in the business - can’t make it in KC, who can?


Is the Chiefs GM job a good one?

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