An attempt to justify the John Dorsey firing

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From the FanPosts -Joel

I have been a huge fan of John Dorsey. I don't believe there is any way to spin his ability to draft players as anything but excellent. He has been consistent in bringing significant contributors year in and year out to the Chiefs roster, often finding value above the slot the players were drafted in.

I am not happy with the move, but am going to take a crack at the reasoning for which John Dorsey would be let go.

The only way to justify this is by looking at the sum of the small chinks in the armor throughout his tenure. Adding them all together could lead one to believe that it was justifiable. I'm not there, but I could see it. Almost all of them are directly tied to the salary cap. The most logical scenario the could be possible is that Dorsey is an excellent talent evaluator who has had difficulty properly managing the salary cap.

Dwayne Bowe
The first big contract John Dorsey handed out was a significant bust. Bowe played out two seasons of the 5 year/$56 million contract, being cut after failing to catch a single touchdown in 2014 (long live the streak) and being arrested mid-season.

Jamaal Charles
The Chiefs extended Jamaal Charles before the 2014 season, adding 2 years and $18 million to his contract. Charles played in 3 games of year one of that extension, and cut Charles before he could see year two.

Justin Houston
Signing Houston to an extension was undoubtedly the correct move, but the timeline in which they did it in could be disputed. Did they wait too long and force themselves to pay more? We'll never know, but there is undoubtedly a trend with the Chiefs waiting too long to extend players. The Chiefs have to often been outleveraged in negotiations.

Tamba Hali
The Chiefs waited until after March 4 to sign Hali and were charged $4 Million as a result. Properly managing negotiations saves the Chiefs a large chunk of money.

Maclin Tampering
If I were a betting man, I would bet the tampering would come from Reid and not Dorsey. However, there is a non-zero chance it was Dorsey. We'll never know the whole story on that. Regardless, the Chiefs lost a 2016 third round selection and a 2017 sixth round selection for tampering with the free agency of Jeremy Maclin.

Eric Berry
Being outleveraged by Berry in negotiations like Houston, the Chiefs sign him to a 6 year/$78 Million contract a year after playing on the franchise tag. The Chiefs gave Berry the most guaranteed money on a safety contract ever.

Laurent Duvernay Tardif
LDT hasn't done enough to earn the contract he got. The Chiefs are banking on his upside. Maybe it was just Dorsey banking on his upside? The number on that contract didn't seem to be warranted. Maybe others within the organization agree?

Maclin Cutting
As a result of the cap issues the Chiefs have slowly accumulated over time, Dorsey was forced to release Jeremy Maclin and reportedly by voicemail.

The Green Bay Question
I was fearful of Dorsey not extending his contract with the Chiefs to return home to Green Bay to replace Ted Thompson in 2018. It is quite possible that Dorsey wanted an out in his contract should he be offered the GM position. It could be that Dorsey was non-committal in regard to his future in KC.

The Rebuild
The Chiefs are in a rebuild. Maybe not in a traditional sense, but they are issuing in a new era while trying to do good to the current core. Mahomes was the first step, cutting Maclin was next. They are trying to prepare for the future by investing in a QB of the future and preparing their books to extend their new core while trying to win in 2017. Given the track record of contracts under Dorsey, the Chiefs brass may not trust him to oversee the transition.

While always being talking points and areas of concern, the Chiefs winning and Dorsey drafting well have always overshadowed the bad. If Dorsey's job was only judged by draft evaluation, he'd be as safe as anyone. But the good problem of having too many good players drafted into your organization is having to sign them after their rookie deals.

The only logical reason to me would be that the Chiefs don't trust Dorsey's ability to manage the cap, and while his excellent track record in the draft is a valuable asset, the long term outlook of the team to keep most of them could be problematic. Being in a bind with the cap limits the ability to take care of guys in the future.

I think the sum of these issues could have caused angst between Reid and Dorsey, and a nudge by Reid to move Dorsey out is quite possible. It could just be a power move. Some of these could not even be his fault, but there's smoke. I don't claim to know the inner workings of the organization, but these are the only things I can think of. I do think that if Reid wanted Dorsey in Kansas City, he would be.

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