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This has been a really weird Chiefs offseason, here are 10 reasons why

This has been a weird offseason for the Kansas City Chiefs highlighted by the firing of GM John Dorsey.

Let’s look back at some of the things that happened this offseason that look really weird now:

1. In January, the Chiefs let Chris Ballard go to the Colts. Hardly the move a team would let happen if they thought Dorsey would be leaving.

2. In January, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Dorsey could be the Packers next GM. Totally out of the blue.

3. In March, Dorsey made Eric Berry the highest-paid safety in the NFL. Hardly the move a GM on his way out would make.

4. In April, Dorsey traded two first round picks for the Chiefs quarterback of the future. Again, not a move that a GM on his way out makes.

5. In May, the Chiefs fired their cap guy, Trip MacCracken. We still don’t really know the significance of this but given the cap troubles they’ve had ...

6. In May, the Chiefs hired Tim Terry as their director of pro personnel away from - guess where - the Packers. I assume that was a Dorsey connection.

7. Earlier this summer, I got an anonymous phone call from someone who told me Dorsey would be on his way out. I barely did any digging because it didn’t seem credible at all. Oops.

8. In June, the Chiefs ended a practice and Andy Reid lashed out at the media for asking about attendance questions. It seemed out of character for Reid. The next day the Chiefs cut Maclin. Were those related?

9. Maclin was pissed about being cut by voicemail and told multiple media outlets. Maclin was Reid’s guy and had been since Philly. Is this related?

10. On June 22, the Chiefs fired John Dorsey.

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