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Dumb study now says Chiefs have the worst fanbase in the NFL

Last year I came across a very dumb study that said the Kansas City Chiefs had the third worst fans in the NFL. The third worst? 30th? No one who pays attention would suggest they’re anywhere near that.

Except this study would say that. The 2017 version of this study has the Chiefs dead last. The study got dumber.

I ... I’m not even sure what to say here. The Chiefs dead last is funny. The Browns 26th? The Browns are a top 10 fanbase in the NFL. You can’t put the DOLPHINS ahead of the Chiefs. This ranking is about #brands and how strong your #brand is which real people don’t actually care about. “Sure, I love the Chiefs but their social media branding just isn’t strong enough for me,” not one person in history said.

Meanwhile, Roger Goodell just said the Chiefs got a league-high six primetime games because their fans are so good at Arrowhead. So.

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