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Chiefs record prediction sounds about right, Chargers winning more games does not sound right

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Never say never but it would be a big surprise to see the San Diego Chargers finish ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs this year. The Chargers were 5-11 last year while the Chiefs were 12-4 with three playoff appearances in four years.

Don’t tell that to Pro Football Focus who predicted the records for all the AFC teams and put the Chargers (and Raiders) ahead of the Chiefs. You can see the rankings below but the Chiefs are projected to win nine games, the Chargers 10 games and the Raiders 11 games.

I’ll give PFF some credit. This is something new and different. Most people, including Chiefs fans, assume they already know how good or bad their team will be. Each year, however, there is a team like the Chargers. Think of the 2013 Chiefs. Who saw a 9-0 start coming?

The Chargers do have some weapons. The Chiefs probably weren’t going to beat them Week 1 last year unless Keenan Allen goes down. He was torching the Chiefs in that game and he’s back this year. I can buy the Chargers being much better and even competing for a playoff spot. I would be very surprised to see them finish ahead of the Chiefs, though.

Also, and you’ll love this, the Broncos are projected to finish 6-10 — just like the Jaguars!

1. Patriots (12-4)

2. Steelers (11-5)

3. Raiders (11-5)

4. Chargers (10-6)

5. Chiefs (9-7)

6. Titans (9-7)

7. Bills (8-8)

8. Dolphins (8-8)

9. Colts (7-9)

10. Bengals (7-9)

11. Ravens (7-9)

12. Texans (6-10)

13. Broncos (6-10)

14. Jaguars (6-10)

15. Browns (4-12)

16. Jets (2-14)

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