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Can Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt’s elusiveness translate to the NFL?

Kareem Hunt seems to be the pick for the Kansas City Chiefs rookie that will make an early impact. It looks like he will get playing time, running back is a position you can step into and contribute quickly AND Hunt brings with him a very particular set of skills.

Those skills are that he is good at avoiding tackles. That seems like a good thing in the NFL! The competition level, of course, is a little different in the NFL. He is not going to make guys miss the way he did in college. I haven’t seen all of his college tape but I feel good saying that.

If he comes to the NFL level and is among the best in the league making guys miss like he was in college then he will be in the rookie of the year conversation. The Chiefs have been praising his elite balance as have his teammates so it’s not completely unrealistic to think he’s going to have some ability to make guys miss in the NFL.

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