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Michael Vick texted Andy Reid after the draft, has talked to Patrick Mahomes

Michael Vick has talked to Patrick Mahomes. Vick said this on Adam Schefter’s podcast this week. He was at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in LA recently and said he talked to the rookies, including Patrick Mahomes.

So what did he tell Mahomes?

“He’s gonna get it all,” Vick said of Mahomes working with Big Red. “I talked to Patrick in California a couple weeks ago and told him he has such a great opportunity just to be behind Alex Smith, who is a very cerebral quarterback and who understands the game, the short game, the long game and knows how to manage the game. It doesn’t get any better than that.

“Then he has Andy, the head coach who is gonna make sure he develops properly. He’s in a great position. I told him to pick Andy’s brain, never be afraid to ask him a question or never be afraid to go into his office. Be very outspoken and outgoing and show you can be a leader at a young age and take pride in the scout team. I told him, now while you’re developing, pick his brain.”

Vick was not your typical dropback quarterback but Andy Reid adapted his system to fit what Vick does best. (Vick had nine rushing touchdowns in 2010. Nine!) Chiefs fans are hoping he can do the same with Mahomes, who is not the same type of quarterback as Alex Smith.

“Right after Andy made the pick at the draft,” Vick continued, “I texted him right after and said, ‘Coach I think this is a good one’. He texted me back and said, ‘I hope so’, with a wink.”

A wink? He has to mean Reid used a wink emoji right? Big Red using emojis?? Please weigh in on his texting abilities in the comments section.

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