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Derrick Johnson’s injury updates continue to be positive for Chiefs

The news on Derrick Johnson and his Achilles rehab continues to be positive. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media on Thursday and said DJ is still on track to return for training camp.

“I think when guys go through an injury twice, they kind of know how to handle it better the second time,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “They’re not afraid to push themselves a little bit further. He isn’t pushing himself like crazy -- I’m not saying that. But you kind of know that you’re not going to break it. You push it to the limit. That’s where he’s at. It seems to me like he’s ahead (of schedule), but (Chiefs trainer) Rick Burkholder would have to tell you that.”

All good news. Even if DJ is healthy enough to practice I wonder how hard the Chiefs will push it at training camp. He’s been in the league since 2005, he probably doesn’t need training camp as much as a younger guy. DJ feels like the type that will practice if he’s at all able to practice so I’m assuming we’ll see him out there in St. Joe in a couple months.

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