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Where the Chiefs quarterback situations ranks among the rest of the NFL

Rotoworld ranked all the quarterback situations in the NFL and for the first time in a while I think I have a pretty good argument they should be higher. Rotoworld ranks the Chiefs quarterback situation of Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes 18th in the NFL, just behind Philip Rivers and the Chargers and just ahead of Joe Flacco and the Ravens.

The Chiefs ... should be higher? Here’s what they’re evaluating:

Evaluating the league’s situations, we’ll take everything into account. Age, injury history, past success, future potential, retirement rumors, etc. This means simply having the best quarterback doesn’t automatically make you No. 1. Tom Brady is about to turn 40. Drew Brees is 38. This can’t be ignored when comparing them to Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson.

Rotoworld even says they have an ideal situation being able to start Alex while waiting on Mahomes.

Smith’s polar opposite, Mahomes is a born gunslinger whose aggressiveness sometimes gets the best of him. He takes the fight to the defense. That’s the natural way to play in the Big 12. In the NFL, it could get you killed. The good news is, Smith can hold down the fort while Mahomes develops. The sooner, the better, but the Chiefs have an ideal situation in a potential franchise quarterback who doesn’t have to be thrown into the fire from Day 1.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love the Chiefs quarterback situation right now. Absent having a Brady or a Roethlisberger, the Chiefs are in a perfect position to potentially avoid the dreaded rebuilding year and go from a good Alex Smith team to (hopefully) a good team around Patrick Mahomes. They should be ranked higher.

Alex and the Chiefs have been ranked 20th in this list in each of the past two years. So they’re consistent, I suppose.

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