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Dustin Colquitt thinks Roger Goodell will be a Chiefs fan for the Patriots game

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Most NFL fans don’t like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Not a single Patriots fan likes him* for obvious reasons.

Goodell was in town this week at Chiefs fantasy camp and took questions from fans on a panel that included Chiefs P Dustin Colquitt.

Colquitt is a funny guy so he came up with a nice zinger about the Chiefs-Patriots game.

Very true! Goodell is reportedly going to be at the game. Patriots fans have been waiting for him to come to a game in Foxboro since Deflategate. I have a feeling that the Chiefs might be overshadowed with all the Goodell booing.

Goodell may be on the Chiefs side in this game but I imagine Chiefs fans don’t want to accept him after he reached into the Chiefs back pocket and stole two draft picks in the Jeremy Maclin tampering case.