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You were a Chiefs fan in the 1990s if you remember this shirt

The Kansas City Chiefs style in the 1990s was incredible. Starter jackets. Snapback hats. And of course the t-shirts. The 1990s Chiefs t-shirts were memorable, including this one a reader found recently:

I see who I think is Derrick Thomas in the middle, Neil Smith next to him and I believe that’s Albert Lewis at the top. The one on the left looks like No. 34 which would be Dale Carter. I remember a lot of these big head shirts when Joe Montana came to town in 1993. In fact, I know that The Old Man still has one of those and still wears it. Not many people can pull of a 25-year old shirt but The Old Man can.

While we’re here, who ya got:

1990s: Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, Albert Lewis, Dale Carter

2017: Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, Marcus Peters

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