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Chiefs CB Marcus Peters talks about spending his offseason in Oakland

Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters met the media on Tuesday for the first time this offseason. As usual, it was interesting. Here’s a Q&A (the questions here are paraphrased ... H/T 610 for audio)

Q: What went into your decision not to attend voluntary workouts?

Peters: I was back at the house working out.

Q: The same kind of offseason regimen that you’ve done?

Peters: Ever since I got kicked out.

Q: Can you elaborate on who you’re working out with, what you’re doing?

Peters: Back at Empire Gym in San Francisco, back at my high school in Oakland. Doing the same thing I’ve been doing since I got kicked out.

Q: When we talked to Alex earlier today he mentioned that with you guys have been back there’s definitely been more chirping?

Peters: It’s football, baby. We’re getting back into the swing of it. We’re here for a couple of days before we gotta get back into camp. We got a mentality we’re trying to win the Super Bowl.

Q: Did you get a sense your teammates were happy to see you?

Peters: All of them. Seeing all my teammates. We’re brothers. We’re in this to do one thing. Ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl. Other than that, pssh, back here for a couple days then we go our separate ways for a couple weeks then we’re back to camp and working.

Q: Do you think you’re closing to getting the respect you want in this game?

Peters: Super Bowl. Super Bowl. That’s the ultimate respect you can get in this game. That’s a championship. That’s a team goal. All those individual goals, they’re good. It means I’m doing my job for my team so we can win more games but other than that I’m here to win Super Bowls.

Q: Did you let Andy Reid or John Dorsey or others know you weren’t going to be here?

Peters: I talked to everybody. You gotta let people know what’s going on. Like I said I was back at home doing what I needed to do to make sure I can do my job.

Q: Berry mentioned something about recharging during his time off. Was it like that for you?

Peters: My main thing, I keep my family first anyway. Any time I get to go home and be around my family I go do it. I take the time out. That’s my vacation. Once we’re here for work we’re here for work. My family understands that so all the time I do get to spend with my family I go do it and have fun.

Q: Once this week is over what are you going to be up to?

Peters: Oakland, California.

Q: Basically what you’ve been doing the past two weeks?

Peters: Yup.

Q: You work out with any other players out there?

Peters: Oakland, California. That’s who I work out with. It doesn’t matter who is available, we’re out there getting it. Everybody got something to do. If not my high school then other high schools around Oakland and even the Pop Warner teams just working out.

Q: You feel like you have the pieces here to win a Super Bowl?

Peters: Yup.

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