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NFL players rave about Travis Kelce, his football ability and his dancing

Travis Kelce ... the 26th best player in the NFL. That’s what this year’s top 100 players list says as it counted down from 30 to 21 on Monday night. Kelce landed at No. 26 - one spot behind Joe Thomas and one spot ahead of LeSean McCoy.

Kelce was ranked No. 91 last year which seems insane considering he was the best tight end in the league last year. Kelce, like Tyreek Hill, is in a perfect situation because I’m not convinced that another coach gets as much out of him as Andy Reid does.

Here are a few of the quotes from his segment on NFL Network:

  • WR Darrius Heyward-Bey: Travis Kelce, swag. A lot of swag with that kid right there.
  • CB Charles James II: (His celebration dances) are hilarious, to be quite honest.
  • LB Arthur Moats: Most of the times when a tight end comes in you’re thinking these are blocking guys or they can catch but they’re not very fast. You get Kelce and they’re using him as a second wide receiver.
  • TE Jack Doyle: Dynamic player with the ball in his hands. I mean they’re throwing him bubble screens and he’ll take them.

You know who was ranked higher than Kelce? Gronk. He was ranked No. 23, which is dumb. He had 540 yards and three touchdowns last year.

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